MK-530 Series Removable Pedalboard & Road Case


Removable Pedalboard & Road Case in Standard Black

The MK-530 series removable pedalboards & road cases are the perfect combination of strength and affordability for musicians that like to get low.   The unit consists of a removable pedalboard assembly that is completely removed from the road case while in use.  After the gig simply re-store the pedalboard to the road case and toss it in the truck.

  Each removable pedalboard & road case are designed for your equipment.  We do not use the "One Size Fits All" mentality for cases.  Each case is engineered for your specific piece of equipment.  This ensures that your gear will fit safely and securely.

 The pedalboard road case is constructed of 3/8" plywood with internally braced 1 x 2 frames for added support and stability.  Each case comes standard with recessed butterfly latches, spring loaded handles, egg crate foam linings and super durable charcoal grey or jet black cabinet carpet standard, or get one covered in black Fender style tolex, tweed or custom color vinyl. 

The removable pedalboard assembly is made from heavy duty 3/4" plywood with rubber feet and two handles.  The pedalboard can be covered in your choice of vinyl, standard black paint or optional truck bed liner.  You supply the effects and Velcro. The standard exterior size for the MK-530 series removable pedalboard & road case is approximately 32" long x 20" wide but can be ordered in any size..

                                          MK-530 Sketch (click to enlarge)

The Road Case's standard features include:

The Removable Pedalboard's standard features include:

MK-530 is covered with your choice of black or charcoal gray speaker carpet standard.  For an additional charge you can get a colorful custom look with Fender style black tolex, tweed or vinyl covering (red-burgundy, teal, blue, black, yellow, or green.  All custom colors are subject to availability).   All hardware is zinc plated unless noted otherwise.

            *** Tweed and Tolex prices are subject to change ***

Effects, cables and Velcro or other adhesives to hold pedals are not included.

Custom Options

You can personalize your new MK-530 series removable pedalboard & road case by adding:

*all prices quoted for standard size models - custom prices vary

Key Benefits

You can pay for your purchases instantly with Visa, Master Card or via PayPal by calling the shop at 989-288-0116 or 989-277-6768. Since each case is built specifically for your gear and there are so many combinations of colors and options we are unable to process credit cards online.  You can send us an email for a quote along with shipping to  Kmc Music & Sound Sales or call the shop at 989-288-0116.

ATM Machine

If you have a custom idea that you would like for your road case let us know and we will gladly quote you a price.

Suggested Retail Pricing shown (shipping not included)

 Email  for your personal price quote today!

Description SKU # SKU #
MK-530-A (standard) 

Black or Gray Carpeting

MK-530-A $241.50

Colored Vinyl Covering



Fender Style Black tolex




Fender Style Tweed



Legal Disclaimer:

All designs & descriptions are property of Kmc Music and Sound LLC.  No rights are granted to use such materials or designs for any purpose.  Kmc Music and Sound LLC claims no responsibilities for any incidence or occurrence that may occur from any use, misuse, neglect or any other reason.  It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all items are safely and correctly assembled and installed.

To assure your road case will be correct all custom orders are designed & drawn using (CAD) software.  A sketch is emailed for your approval for each custom order.  Please make sure when you receive your custom sketch that YOU verify the dimensions for your equipment are correct.  Kmc Music & Sound is not responsible to verify your equipments dimensions and subsequently is not responsible for your case if it is built incorrectly due to faulty information.