Welcome to Kmc Music & Sound's for sale page.  Below you will find stuff that's been sitting around too long and needs a new home

Sold! Mid 80's Jap Strat

Well look what we have here ~ it's a mid 80's Fender Jap Strat with a Kahler Spyder Trem.  The Spyders were like the Floyds and are kind of rare these days.  This guitar has had the shit played out of it.  It's beat up from one end to the other from about 20 years of heavy road use.  The frets are low, the paint is beat up and battered (and it's poly!) and even the case is broken on the end.  So you might be thinking what a P.O.S. right? ~ Wrong this thing really rips.  I'm not sure what pick ups are in it but they look stock and they sound great.  I got it off ebay a few months back and after I cleaned 20 years of grime off the guitar it's really kind of cool but not my thing.  $350 plus shipping or trade for?


Sold! 2005 Marshall JCM 2000 DSL401

I just picked this one up the other day and it's very cool.  However I have a set of vintage Marshall amps so this one is kind of out of place.  If you're not familiar with this model it's a 3 channel 40 watt all tube monster ~ clean, crunch, and high gain.  The clean is decent for a Marshall but nothing to write home about.  You can probably get a nice shimmer with a little chorus or delay but it's not bad (it's no Fender).  The crunch channel is Awesome ~ from nice SRV blues to Angus.  It nails the killer sounds of the early 70's & 80's Marshall's (I put it up against my '73 Super Lead and my '79 JMP and it's right there).  The high gain channel is a bit over the top and reminds me of one of my old 1st generation Peavy 5150's with the gain and resonance cranked.  Great for cranking the old VH stuff.   It's a really versatile amp and it's quite gigable but I'm more of a tone freak.  I'd probably work out a deal for a cool 5E3 or something similar or sell it out right for $750 or best.  Hit me up with an offer and you never know.


Sold! Out - Tropical Fish Caps (NOS)

I did some Vox wah upgrading and ended up with some extra Tropical Fish Caps. These are the standard .22 uf and they're the ticket if you want to upgrade your effects. I'm selling 'em for $2.00 ea plus shipping.

Sold!  Peavey P/A Speakers

What we have here is a used set of Peavey modular PA speakers (2) Peavey horns (2) Peavey MB-2 mid cabinets, and (2) Peavey FH-1 sub cabinets. No cables, power amps or any other items are included.  These speaker cabinets are in very good shape but do show normal signs wear and use. All speakers are complete and fully functional- and they sound great!

(These are professional speakers. The can and will cause permanent hearing damage if you abuse them)

This is a matched set of (6) speakers (even sequential SR #'s) of Peavey's modular PA speaker system from the mid/late 90's. The mids are 10" and the subs are 15" They're used but not abused. They look great, sound great and are loud as hell. The only reason I'm selling these is because I'm tired of hauling all this gear in and out of the bars we play. I added some 4" locking casters to roll these big dudes around and If you want them you'll have to pick them up here in Durand, MI. I don't have too many pictures but I can get some the next time we empty the trailer or email me for more pix. They're a package deal so don't ask me to break them up. These speakers are sold AS-IS. I'm not responsible for any hearing damage, window breakage, etc that can and will occur ~ these speakers rock!


Sold! 1956 RI Les Paul Copy/Clone/Fake - Non Gibson

What we have here is a Gibson LP clone, copy, fake what ever you want to call it but It's not a real Gibson!  I bought it just how you see it and I thought it was legit but I found out the hard way that it's not.  The guitar is most likely a Japanese high end copy and probably like a Tokai or Burny with the Gibson silkscreen logo.  It even has a Sr # on the back of the head stock like a historic Gibson.  I have played Tokai's & Burny's in the past and they rock and with the ridiculous prices Gibson is asking the Japanese stuff is going for big $'s.

  This guitar has an uber huge neck (no scarf joints so you know it's not an Epiphone or something like that) and serious mojo. It plays great, sounds great and the P90's kick out some great tone ~ It wasn't my thing before and it's not my thing now.  $750 or best.  Not looking for any trades but hit me with something good and we'll just see.


Sold!  Eric Johnson Stratocaster

I bought this strat from G.C. in November 07 and it's sat around looking really cool but that's about it.  I'm more into my Les Paul's and switching between a Paul and a Strat causes lots of little tone issues.  It lives in an Anvil ATA guitar case from the early 80's.  This case is a very heavy duty tour grade case so the guitar is well protected.  I toyed with the idea of keeping it just because ........... but well you know how that works.  Anyway if you want it $1250 plus actual shipping (and paypal expenses if you go that route) and it's yours.



Sold! Next on the chopping block is a used Morley Bad Horsie 2 wah pedal.  No feet on the bottom, no power supply but other than that looks and sounds great (not as great as my Vox wah but pretty good)  Anyway I'm looking to sell it or trade it for a Keeley modded MT/2 (Metal Zone) or Keeley Modded Rat.


Sold!  Orange Copy 2x10 cab (empty)

I got this from my guitar buddy but I don't need it. It's a cool looking cab but it's just in my way (too much stuff around here!) It's got some white paint on the lower sides and it's dirty as hell. I've got the handle for it somewhere and if you got creative you could probably turn it into something like a 2x12 or what ever. $45 plus shipping from 48429 or trade for ? or best offer.


Sold! 1996 Ludwig Rocker Elites Kit ~ (Drums only ~ no hardware, stands or cymbals)


What we have here are some 1996 Ludwig Rocker Elites. (drums only - no hardware, stands or cymbals are included in this deal)  This set is in exceptional shape for it's age.  The shells are in really great shape with a few minor scratches and the usual wear and tear.  As for the sound it's great ~ these things really ring out and sound much better than Pearl Exports or other export quality drums.  The sizes include 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 16", 18", & 22" bass drum.  The color is a factory sprayed transparent teal with plenty of wood grain shown.   Email for more info or pix.  Local mid Michigan pick up is preferred but if you want to cover shipping they can be sent via. UPS or FedEx ground.  $650 cash or best offer ~ Might trade for?

Sold! Marshall 1960-B Bottom 4x12 Cab

Ok here's the deal ~ I've got two Marshall Cabs and I don't use either one very often.  Therefore keeping them both is kind of useless.  This is a 1990's stereo Marshall Cab made in England.  It's all original and has very little playing time on it.  It's spent most of it's life sitting around looking cool.  It not only looks great but it sounds great too.  The bottom cabs always had more bottom end and deeper bass.

This cab is in excellent shape aside from a few tolex scrapes and such.  There was a stencil painted on the back of the cab but I removed as much of it as possible.  You can still see a hint of white but not much ~ either way it's in the back anyway.  I'm not wanting to ship this thing because it will be expensive and heavy.  If you want it you'd be better off to pick it up West of Flint Michigan or you can pay the shipping and packaging and I'll send it with FedEx or UPS.  Email for more info.  $400 cash or best offer might trade for? but would prefer cash.


Sold! 1960's Vintage Double Bass Ludwig Kit


Here we have a '60's era  (1962 we think) Ginger Baker style set of Ludwig's.  This is an actual 60's double bass set with (2) 22" bass drums, (2) 13" rack toms (each with a different depth), 16" & 18" floor toms plus an original speed king hi-hat stand and vintage Ludwig double tom holder.  This kit has some some battle scars and is nowhere near mint.  One of the bass drums is pretty rough and they've all been played for years.  They sound amazing and the Champaign or Gold Sparkle although it has faded over the years still looks really cool.  The kit comes with all original wood hoops for the bass drums, but it needs heads, and some tension rods to finish it out.  If nothing else it makes a hell of a set of parts for what ever you might need.  The other hardware, stands and cymbals, and other equipment in the pix is not included in this deal ~ only the items mentioned above are for sale.   Email for more info or pix.  Local mid Michigan pick up is preferred but if you want to cover shipping they can be sent via. UPS or FedEx ground.  $500 cash or best offer ~ Might trade for?

Sold! Peavey 5150 - Python Covered Combo

This one might be a keeper but you never know.  It's loud as hell and looks killer with the light tan python vinyl.  I swapped out the speakers for some Celestions to give it more clarity.  $800 plus shipping or trade for ?


Sold! Mesa Boogie 4x12 Empty Bottom Cab (Clone)

Here's a great looking and sounding bottom cab.  It's made from all wood ~ none of that particle board crap and it looks great.  If you didn't know it was a clone you would never guess it's not an actual Mesa Boogie unit.  $300 plus shipping or trade for ?


Sold! Mesa Boogie Road Ready 4x12 Cab

Here's a unique little 4x12 cab.  It's built into an ATA road case and ready for some speakers (not included).  I thought about trying to copy the case but it looks like too much work.   $350 plus shipping or  trade for ?


Sold! Gibson Les Paul Standard - Cherry Red With light flame

Les Paul Standard - 3 piece top with slight flame. Might be some sort of anniversary model. Still has the original $2300 hang tags in the case.

It's not a museum piece. This is one of those guitars that has actually been played just like Les Paul intended. Looks good up close and looks great from a distance, and like all good guitars sounds awesome from any angle.

$1200 obo or Might trade for something but I'm not sure what (5150 combo + cash or?



Sold! 4x12 Mystery Cabinet

It looks very Marshal like from a distance with the salt and pepper grill cloth ~ but it's not.  No issues ~ speakers are great.  It goes from Mono to Stereo and as you can see from the snarf and dust it doesn't get used much.  Too big to ship so if you want it come and get it.  Willing to trade for?


Sold! MIJ Fender Stratocaster ~ early 1980's?



Here's a unique guitar ~ it's an early Japanese Fender Stratocaster with an original Floyd Rose trem.  It's routed S/S/S and has a new set of Fender Noiseless pickups and pots.  The guitar plays great and aside from a few beauty marks it's in pretty great condition.  It comes with the case it's pictured in with does have one broken latch. The trem arm and string locks are here and I think I've got the back cover somewhere too.  Sell or trade for ?

Sold! Alvarez Artist Electric Acoustic


Here's a sweet sounding 6 string Alvarez Artist acoustic model #5083N - electric/acoustic guitar.  I got this guitar on trade last year and it's just sitting around.  This guitar does not come with a case - If I had an extra one I'd throw it in but I don't.   If you look at the pix you will notice a small 3/4 gash in the face of the guitar.  It is not cracked but it was damaged from a fall off a guitar stand.  If you can match the paint your in business.  I just ignored it because the sound is awesome and it's not very noticeable.  It's a true spruce flame body (you can see the flames inside the hole too).  Tuners are decent and the built in pick up works great.  Controls are Volume , Contour, and bass, treble and mid.

Sold! Python Covered Custom Peavey 5150 Combo


Here's my tricked out looking 5150.  I covered it with some bad ass python vinyl about a year ago.  Tubes are newer Mesa Boogie's and I've got a new set of Grove Tubes that go with it.  One of the loudest amps I've ever played.  60 watts goes from sparkling clean to super distortion with a twist of the resonance.  Sheffield speakers are voiced just right for the high gain and clean.  Reverb is decent but not quite surf like.  Never had any problems with this amp but I'm back to my Marshall so I don't need it.  Comes with foot switch and Peavey cover and if you want a custom built road case for it ~ I can build that too.

Sold! 1994 Ludwig Rockers -5 Piece Set


Here's a great sounding drum kit for cheap.  Notice the stained wood inside the heads.  These are not your normal set of rockers.  They have been played but not abused.  They show normal signs of wear but not cracks or breaks and no surprises.  The set comes with 22" bass drum, 12" tom, 13" tom, 14" snare, and 16" floor tom. 

Sold! 1997-8 Fender Twin Amp


Bought new around '98 and plays great.  It has a couple small tears in the Tolex near the bottom sides.  This  Fender Twin amp  is part of their Professional Tube Amplifier series. Itís designed to combine the best of vintage sounds with modern flexibility & features.  It has 3 channels, clean, over drive and gain with a great sounding reverb.  You can run it at 100 watts or 25 watts and it's full of neat stuff ~ bias control, effects loop, etc.  Itís in great shape and comes with the original three-button footswitch. If you check Musicianís Friend, theyíre selling these for about $1,200 each.

Sold! 1959 Marshall Plexi Re-issue


Here's a nice sounding virgin Marshall super lead head 100 watt (plexi) head.  It's a beast of an amp ~ no fancy effects loops or master volume ~ it's old school all the way.  You want to get the elusive Hendrix/Page sound?  This is the amp.  The amp is in great physical shape except for my name on the back plate & in the cabinet (incase it decided to wander off) and a couple areas of tolex separation at the lower rear corners.  Other than that this puppy is mint.  This one list for $1250.00 but can be had for $900.00 or trade?

Sold! Custom Fender Tele Clone


Here's a sweet little Fender Clone ~ the body is one piece swamp ash (nice and light) covered with a beautiful coating of nitro orange for a real retro look.  The maple neck is elegantly flamed with a great piece of rose wood on the front.  The frets are nice and small with little wear.  The neck and body are from WD which if you don't already know makes some great bodies and necks.  The hardware is Fender 1952 re-issue including the pick-ups.  Comes with an original Fender Tele HSC.  This is one of the best sounding Tele's I've played/heard,  It's a real nice piece all the way down to the Fender logo.  If your looking for a custom Tele but don't want to waste $1200 bucks on a custom shop this is the axe for you.  It can be had for $600.00 or trade?